(Friends edition)

We are obsessed with music. It pervades every aspect of our life whether we are working in the studio, cooking dinner, or flying half way across the world. We decided that, with all those hours spent immersing ourselves, it would be fun to share some of the music that shapes us, informs us, and inspires us. These spotify playlists will be our way of sharing that with you. This week we are featuring some of our favorite pieces of music by friends and peers of ours, but as the weeks go by we will shed some light on the music that helps us sleep, that helps us smile, that helps us create and helps shape Foreign Fields into what it is.


Boom Forest - No Lion JP Roney brought me down to Nashville and this song made me stay. 

Paper Route - Chariots They're back at it. One of my personal favorites from their upcoming album. 

Halfnoise - Know The Feeling Xavier Turtle just made summer come early.

Mutemath - All I See Will go down as one of the best live bands ever. (And if you like that drummer of theirs, come out to Sun Conductor at Oz Arts Nashville on June 25th). 

Nathan Reich - Reason to Stay Drive to your childhood home to this. 

Canon Blue - Chicago I need a new album. This song will carry me over for the time being.

Matthew and the Atlas - Mirrors "It's hard being happy" - bartender at Butchertown in Nashville the night we completed the album with Matt and Tommy. That night we were happy. 


Brooke Waggoner - Egg Shells Brooke is an incredible musician that I look up to quite a bit. A true composer who is capable of incredibly lush and intricate orchestral arrangements that blow the doors wide open on the idea of what pop music can be. This song, however, finds her at her most simple and unassuming. A perfectly peaceful piece of piano music that I adore.

Matthew and The Atlas - Can’t You See I remember sitting back in my chair in the studio listening back to this right after Matt had finished delivering this incredible vocal. Both Matt and I sat there with tears in our eyes. There are just somedays where the work just all comes together. This song is a perfect embodiment of those moments.

Mikky Ekko - Pressure Pills Where to begin with this track. I was in LA, a complete fish out of water and totally in over my head, when I first heard this song. They had been working on the track all day and had invited us in to hear where it was. I remember being totally blown away instantly by the beautiful, raw energy that the song had. The mixture of Clam’s off-kilter sound and Mikky at his most stripped back just made for an incredible combination. I heard a lot of songs on that trip but none  stuck out to me as much as this one, and it still holds up for me to this day.

Boom Forest - Missing Tooth We recorded this in one take on the old Chickering Upright in my living room. Something about everything on this track seems just slightly off, perfectly broken. All in service of JP’s demo vocal take that was just too perfect to touch. Another one of those moments where everything just came together.

Natalie Prass - Reprise Natalie is a true fairy princess and it’s never more apparent than on the final track off her stunning self titled album from last year, but for me there’s so much magic on the mostly spoken word song that directly precedes it on the album. Just so much style and class on this track. The epitome of cool in an era of music that has forgotten how subtle that word can be.

Nathan Reich - Sweet Isolation Knowing Nathan Reich is a truly individual experience. His presence warm and disarming. But it’s not until he picks up a guitar and starts singing that you realize how incredible he truly is. I am not usually one for the singer-songwriter fare but something about the wisdom in Nathan’s words and the directness of his delivery makes me feel like he is one of the greatest.